June 14, 2024

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LensCrafters Promotes Eye Health with Second Season of Immersive Roblox Odyssey

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LensCrafters has launched the second season of its Roblox Eye Odyssey series, World of Optics, featuring games that mimic the tests in a comprehensive eye exam. The series’ first season has engaged more than 300,000 users since its debut in October 2023.

In the metaverse experience, users help Blinky, a friendly eye-bulb character, overcome challenges caused by prolonged exposure to screens and learn about appropriate eyecare habits to help maintain healthy vision. Via timed pop-ups, Eye Odyssey users will be reminded to utilize the “20/20/20” rule for preventing digital eye strain: every 20 minutes, take 20 seconds and look 20 feet away (out the window, down the hall or even just across the room).

The Odyssey’s second season uses the LensCrafters Palo Alto flagship store as the backdrop for a dedicated pathway that leads to a new fantasy map in which users experience the five arcade-style mini-games. Playing will be enhanced by the creation and release of dedicated digital fashion and vision accessories, such as Color Vision Glasses and an Eye Tracking Eyeball, which can be redeemed at the end of the season.

The first game, Color Vision Island, challenges users to complete a map in time by following the correct color and shape inspired by the Ishihara Test, a color vision test for detecting red-green color deficiencies. The other four games — Visual Acuity Island, Eye Tracking Island, Stereopsis Island and Lens Island — will be released periodically through March 2025, with each release opening up a new dedicated area of the experience.

“With the success of the first season, where we engaged with users on Roblox to drive awareness regarding maintaining healthy vision, we were able to connect with a new community through a fun interactive experience,” said Alfonso Cerullo, President of LensCrafters in a statement. “The second chapter of the series gives the brand the opportunity to further educate this audience about vision health and its impact on overall well-being.”

While the games reflect several of the tests done during an eye exam, they are not meant as an official evaluation or assessment of a person’s visual health or eye function. Within the Eye Odyssey experience, users are recommended to have an annual eye exam in accordance with the American Optometric Association and to schedule it online at their nearest LensCrafters location.


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