July 17, 2024

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Breast and Body Health hosts Cancer Education Seminar to raise awareness in community | Journal-news

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RANSON — On Thursday evening, Breast and Body Health hosted a Cancer Education Seminar at the Ranson Civic Center, where members of the community came to learn more about cancer and how to help their loved ones.

Breast and Body Health is a nonprofit organization dedicated to working with cancer patients and their families and helping them get what they need. Through this event, guests could learn more about cancer and even get a blood pressure screening from a nurse.

Michelle Dorsey, president of Breast and Body Health, and Bonnie Bell, owner of B&B’s Health Boutique, worked together to make this event happen. Their goal was to help raise awareness in the community and educate people so they can take better care of themselves.

Dorsey believes it’s important to raise awareness and let people know that they are here to help anyone who needs it.

“Cancer has affected everyone in some way,” Dorsey said. “Everyone knows someone who has or had cancer. It impacts the patients, family, friends and the whole community. That’s why it’s important that people know what resources are available to them. That’s what this event is about. We need advocates, and that’s what we try to be.”

During the event, Bell and several guests talked about many important topics, such as breast prosthetics, health insurance and more. Bell reminded attendees to listen to their bodies, because they will tell them when something is wrong. Many guests also had the opportunity to share their own story.

As a five-time cancer survivor, Bell’s personal experience is the reason she is passionate about helping others as they go through similar situations.

“Cancer is growing,” Bell said. “People need to know how to respond and help people they care about.”

Dorsey is dedicated to helping cancer patients, because one of her close friends passed away from cancer. After working with the American Cancer Society, Dorsey decided to join Breast and Body Health in February to work one-on-one with people impacted by this disease.

“I have seen what cancer does to someone firsthand through a close friend who passed away,” Dorsey said. “There isn’t a lot of information out there at the time. People come to us thinking that they will have to do without something as they get treatment, but seeing the joy on their faces when they realize we can help them is amazing. It’s hard enough with the disease itself, so if we can take away some of that worry it’s truly a blessing.”

Dorsey and Bell hope to have more events like this in the future to continue raising awareness and make an impact on the community.

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